Music Notes

Music Notes

Music Notes is the category containing the most interesting posts of Ron Kaye’s Music Instruction which deal with topics pertaining to music lessons. Here you will find music notes written by Ron Kaye which are helpful and interesting tips which are designed to help you make wise decisions concerning your music lessons.

Practice : 3 Keys to Success

Practice Practice Practice

Success Key #1 – Practice.  Let’s face the obvious.  If you don’t, your chances of learning to reach some level of competency are drastically reduced.  Even if you just want to gain better technical ability, practice is essential.  Oddly enough, many people don’t think much about this particular element of music lessons, when they begin.

Reading Music – 7 Musical Myth Busters Part #4

Reading Music

When learning to play a musical instrument, some believe reading music is non-essential. Some will say that music lessons should be focused on what the student feels is the best approach.  Things such as music theory are difficult and unnecessary.  In fact, music lessons should consist of learning exclusively what the student desires.  After all,

SEVEN MUSICAL MYTH BUSTERS PART #3 – Music Lessons & the Metronome

Piano Metronome

Myth #3 – Using a metronome is a waste of time and unnecessary to music lessons. When discussing music and using a metronome, this particular myth is one of my favorites. As you will find, seemingly good arguments exist on both sides of the issue. However, the truth lies in understanding the purpose of the


Music Lessons Pensacola

Finding a Great Music Teacher To ensure your Music Lesson experience is a positive one, take lessons from someone who is a true music teacher. Several elements come into play here. The first element is the teacher.I firmly believe that when it comes to music lessons, genuine music teachers are born not necessarily created through an educational


Music Myth

The Seven Musical Myths Examined Myth is always all around us in the world of Music Lessons, so are opinions as to what is the best way to go about learning to play an instrument. Much has been written on the subject of how to learn to play an instrument, and passionate opinions abound. It is