Tempo:A drum student, for example, who has a good grasp on steady time can begin to adjust one of the drum kit voices to be either slightly ahead or slightly behind the meter to aid the feel. A good example would be to slightly hold back the kick and snare to give the music a more “Bluesy” feel. Another appropriate use would be to play some voicing on the drum kit slightly ahead of the time to aid in creating a more “Energetic”

SEVEN MUSICAL MYTH BUSTERS PART #3 – Music Lessons & the Metronome

Piano Metronome

Myth #3 – Using a metronome is a waste of time and unnecessary to music lessons. When discussing music and using a metronome, this particular myth is one of my favorites. As you will find, seemingly good arguments exist on both sides of the issue. However, the truth lies in understanding the purpose of the