Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons

We offer violin lessons for beginners (children or adults), and intermediate level students who desire learn. Whether you want to fiddle bluegrass music, study more traditional orchestral music, or even play rock or pop music, we have you covered.

It all begins with building a strong foundation on the instrument through proper instruction. 

As with all our lessons, our violin lessons focus on music theory, timekeeping, ear training, proper technique, skill building, music appreciation, understanding, and of course fun.

violin lessons Pensacola

We will teach you through a proven method which will generate measurable results.

We believe if your current instructor doesn’t focus on pitch & meter it’s time for a change to our proven violin lessons program. Don’t be intimidated. Anyone who really desires to learn can make it happen through our instruction. See why we teach students to become musicians who have a passion for music. It is the goal of our violin instruction is to help students of any age and ability to learn about, play and enjoy the violin. 

Learning to play doesn’t have to be frustrating or difficult, but it does take practice.

In fact, if you follow our violin progam, you may learn at a much faster rate than if you tried to go it alone. If you are seeking beginner violin lessons, violin lessons for kids, or simply learning to play the violin for your own enjoyment, we will show you how to learn to play the violin and succeed while making your lessons easy and fun.

In Pensacola, FL, we are your Family of Music Teachers – Join Us! If you  want to learn to play an instrument, we are your home for music. We are a Family of Music Teachers, offering Professional Private Lessons with a strong tradition of quality and customer satisfaction since 1997.

 For the best in professional music education with a proven track record of high customer satisfaction 

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