drum practice

If you practice three hours in one day per week, you will gain skills faster than if you practice fifteen minutes everyday, right? Not so, experience has shown that the knowledge and skills you gain in a marathon practice session the day before your lesson, only yields short term memory. Whereas, practicing everyday for a much more brief period of time each day tends to yield long term memory. For example, if you study for a test in school each day you will do better than if you cram for the test. If all your efforts are not spread out evenly over time, you may pass the test, but a week later forget most of what you studied. Our minds require regular periodic re-enforcement to gain long term memory. The same is true for drumming skills.

13 Ways to Better Drumming

Better Drumming doesn't necessarily come easy, and it should include proper techniques and habits. After all, the more you incorporate these things into…