Drums: If you understand some foundational concepts of practice, you can improve your drum playing ability exponentially.The connection of mathematics to music is even more evident when you realize that gaining drumming skills involves fine motor skills and muscle memory. So, those two element are at the heart of practicing the drums. It is obvious that fine motor skills and muscle memory are only sharpened by one thing – repetitions. Look at just about any example in life from a person who performs clean karate kicks, to how a batter hits a baseball. It is all based on repetitions. You might say that hitting a baseball is hand eye coordination, but without the repetitions of fine motor skills and muscle memory, the batter could not develop the ability to repeatedly hit the ball. Indeed, all sports include fine motor skills and muscle memory. So, it is the repetition of practice that is the means by which drumming skills are gained – no repetitions, no gaining skills.

13 Ways to Better Drumming

Better Drumming doesn't necessarily come easy, and it should include proper techniques and habits. After all, the more you incorporate these things into…